Header Image Ads are a big topic that I’ve seen discussed lately. With the rise of Adblock, there’s a decrease in ad revenue. Of course, some sites are so annoying that they deserve to be adblocked. Today however, I looked into my site Analytics and Ad Revenue.

For those with Adblock, there’s a single ad I have at the bottom of every post (including this one). The machine that the site is running on costs about $5 a month, which is mostly paid my Ad Revenue (thanks!) However when I went to view ad reports, I saw this:

Ad Reports

This image would make sense, assuming that 95% of the people visiting this blog were using mobile devices. However when I go to analytics, I see this:


What this means, is that 68.8% of desktop viewers are using Adblock. Most of the mobile viewers have no choice currently to use Adblock, so they’re most of my revenue.

Mobile Device Types

When I look at the mobile devices using iOS, they make up 48.3% percent of my mobile users. Foreseeing the future when iOS 9 is released, my Ad Revenue will drop by about 33.23%.

A final message to those of you using Adblock: Please consider turning it off for this site, as we try to make our single ad non-interrupting. I don’t need to, and don’t intend to make a lot of money off this site. It’d be nice however to still make enough to keep this site up.